Abstract: "The information environment of a good school library has been undergoing a transformation, powered by technology and trans-media influences in our classrooms. The role of the teacher librarian is to promote books, reading and research, in old ways and new ways, so as to promote conversation and learning. School libraries that adapt to the digital needs of their students and school community not only continue to build a reading culture in the school, but provide the divergence and convergence in media needed to provide the materials for motivation, differentiation, collaboration and connections necessary for 21st century learning. Asking questions about the nature of the current knowledge and skills requirements of a teacher librarian in digital environments, and the ongoing professional development needs is related to digital aspects of the profession is an ongoing iterative process which provides valuable insights into the priorities and points related teacher librarianship and innovation in digital environments."

Read the article on Judith O'Connell's website HeyJude. 

Reference: O’Connell, J. (2014) Researcher's perspective: Is Teacher Librarianship in crisis in digital environments? An Australian perspective.  School Libraries Worldwide. 20(1): 1-19

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