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Australian School Library Day will be celebrated on the 23rd of August 2022, which is the Wednesday of the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book Week.  


The purpose of Australian School Library Day is to celebrate and highlight the glorious variety of things that your school library staff do - especially those things that may normally be ‘hidden’ from view but are so essential to the far-reaching web of impact that the school library has in your school. By raising awareness of the benefits of a well-resourced and suitably staffed school library we hope to ensure that future generations enjoy them as well.

Australian School Library Day sits in the CBCA Book Week. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate Australian literature and Australian school libraries. Combine your celebrations! For more information about Book Week and this year's theme visit the CBCA Book Week website. 


Australian School Library Day is a day to highlight and celebrate school libraries. Please share what you have done with the hashtag #ASLD2023 and tag in our Students Need School Libraries campaign. Your contributions will help other school communities still working towards building a well-resourced and staffed school library. 


Everyone! It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate school libraries. Use this as an opportunity to engage your whole community - students, parents, and all staff. 


Breach the library walls!  This is an opportunity to get the school library into your school’s social media, your newsletter, your front office, your local newspaper, your community.


Here are some ideas for how you might mark the day.

Thank you

Our sincere thanks to the Children's Book Council of Australia for graciously welcoming this new day of celebration into Book Week.  This is a beautiful example of unity leading to a win-win situation: What benefits Australian School Libraries also benefits Australian Children's Literature.

A massive thank you to ALIA and ALIA's amazing graphic designer for the beautiful Australian School Library Day logo.

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