Recruiting Ambassadors

Ambassadors are vitally important to the Students Need School Libraries campaign. They help spread the word about the importance of school libraries. They put their name behind the campaign. We display images of our ambassadors on our Wall of Support and share these across our social media accounts. Our ambassadors can also share badges of support on their blogs or websites.

John Boyne - Author

Our goal is to recruit over 100 ambassadors for the campaign and to do this we need everyone's help.

If you are like us, the idea of going up to an author or illustrator to ask them to join the campaign as an ambassador can be a little daunting, or maybe you know that at the author visit, literary festival or book signing there just won’t be enough time to discuss the whys and hows of joining the campaign as a supporter. So, we've created an Ambassador Invitation kit for you to send or print and give as a goodie bag - because who doesn’t enjoy a goodie bag?

In the kit you will find

  • A colourful invite that asks the ambassador to pose for an image with the SNSL logo or a message of support.
  • A pdf of the logo to be printed as big as you like for the author/illustrator/celebrity to pose with for a photo. Think about adding a pen to the bag so they can personalise the sign or add a message.
  • A short letter explaining the campaign with details on who to email the image to or who to contact for more information
  • A copy of the ambassador badge with the code to add to a blog or website.

That’s it. Email or print and bag and you are good to go. Maybe add a chocolate or two and maybe some campaign bookmarks, flyers or posters, which you can download here or buy here.

If you would like to become an ambassador or if you would like to help us recruit ambassadors, please make use of this resource to promote the campaign and the importance of school libraries or contact us for more information.

Check out our Ambassador Invitation Kit here.



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