Snapshot of a School Library During COVID-19 #15

School libraries during covid

Maggie McMahon, Library Team Leader at Sacré Cœur in VIC, answered our questions about what they are doing during COVID-19.

What has been the focus for your school library/role during the COVID-19 Crisis?
Supporting staff and students in any way we can, promoting and expanding our online resources and platforms, and injecting some positivity and joy into their days!
What major tasks have you achieved?
We've been expanding our ebook collection extensively, our teacher librarians are now running library classes remotely, we've recently introduced an onsite book collection service for primary students, we've introduced expansions on our research platforms and we've created our 'Survival Kit' which is packed full of fun, informative and relevant resources to help our staff and students get through social distancing and isolation.
What has been the result for staff and/or students?
Positivity and gratitude!
An increased awareness in just how varied our services can be, as well as an increased engagement with the library resources. This is especially so for teachers, who have been able to relieve some stress and pressure by seeking out the library for support in ways they may not have previously considered. The staff and students have also embraced ebooks and the online content we provide, and eagerly request more.

If you would like to let us know what your school library is doing during COVID-19, you can let us know here.



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