Snapshot of a School Library During COVID-19 #16

School libraries during covid

The Library Team at a primary school in the ACT have been busy during COVID-19. They answered our questions on what they have been doing.

What has been the focus for your school library/role during the COVID-19 Crisis?
Ensuring all families know how to access out digital collection and other wonderful resources such as StoryBox Library. Supporting staff as they learn new technology and providing one on one on site and digital tutorials. Ensuring that any student who came in to collect a laptop or iPad also walked out with an harmful of books. Recording staff reading picture books to share with families. Navigating the copyright information to ensure that there are no breaches during this time.
What major tasks have you achieved?
Created a school library website. Have made sure all families can access out digital collection.
What has been the result for staff and/or students?
Mainly positive. Staff are calmer and more confident and have more ideas of how they can interact with their students remotely.

If you would like to let us know what your school library is doing during COVID-19, you can let us know here.



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