Snapshot of a School Library During COVID-19 #27

School libraries during covid

The Library Team at an Independent school in VIC share what they have been doing to support staff and students during COVID-19.

What has been the focus for your school library/role during the COVID-19 Crisis?

Maintaining as many Library services as safe and possible and shifting them to online. Creating hub for teacher access to online teaching resources and information. Delivering classes online. Redefining the library tech role so they could work from home. Direct support to students and teachers with online resource access and use, especially ClickView . Changing LMS policies to renew all print loans, halt overdue notices, extend loan periods, halt branch transfer. Support Library team as the explore tech and feel their way with online delivery. Setting up protocols for library spaces and circulation once back on campus. Fielding lots of emails for support/advice. Ramping up promotion of e/audio platform and also public library e-resources.
All library classes continued to be delivered and the focus on importance of reading for pleasure maintained. All Techs were kept engaged with work from home. ClickView project to move to Library Editor continued. Protocols for library are in place. Teacher Resource Hub (via page on LMS) set up. Creation of instruction videos and documents to support access to/use of various resource/tools.
Continuity (as best possible) is the main result. Continued access to reading material, discussions , recommendations and activities associated with reading. Clear understanding of protcols and services during lockdown and on return and smooth transition to that. Much better awareness of and engagement with subscribed online resources.
There have been a number of direct messages to library staff from appreciative students and parents , particularly in P-6 years. Parents of primary students were disappointed not to have access to the print collection but we were always able to provide alternatives.
Most library staff worked extended hours to meet student and staff needs, adapt and deliver program, promote resources and adapt/reinvent work to fit online context. There were pockets of perception that once the books were out of action, libraries would not have much to do - this is a real concern and far from true.

If you would like to let us know what your school library is doing during COVID-19, you can let us know here.



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