Our Mission

What's happening in your child's school library?

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure student access to high quality school library services. School libraries, and the qualified staff that run them are vital for ensuring that all students are equipped with the research and literacy skills they need throughout their life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that every student has access to a dynamic, well-resourced school library run by qualified library staff.

Why that's important

The ease of access to technology, online sources, and fake news, increases the need for a qualified teacher librarian who can teach all students the necessary research, online safety, and information literacy skills, as well as instilling a love of reading.

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"Libraries matter, literacy matters. Let's get behind our teacher librarians and our libraries, give them the resources they need to help Australian kids soar in their literacy levels and have really bright futures."

Tristan Bancks - Author

Why are libraries important?

While technology is embedded in the lives of our students, it cannot be assumed that they are all competent and discerning users of information. In order to equip them for life-long learning, they need to be taught the skills to access reliable, accurate and trustworthy sources of information. These skills equip them for life-long learning. A teacher librarian, along with a well-equipped library and a support team of trained librarians, can empower students by teaching students digital literacy, information literacy, and how to be safe online, as well as fostering a love of reading.

Libraries are vital for schools and students. A place of learning, collaboration, expression, and creativity, well-equipped libraries are flexible, bustling, busy places. Our mission is to ensure that all children have equitable access to the library and qualified library staff that they need.

What Can I Do To Help?

Spread the word

Jump on your favourite social media channels and spread the word about our mission. #StudentsNeedSchoolLibraries

Encourage your friends and colleagues to subscribe to our newsletter.

Chat to your library staff

Drop by your child's school library and have a chat to the staff about what's happening in their library.

Find information about your child's school library on the school website or social media pages.

How To Take Action

We have created this handy step-by-step Action Guidelines to help you know what you can actually do to support school libraries.

Read or download the guidelines from our Resources page.

Share your story

We'd love to hear your story. Take a photo of yourself holding up a statement about school libraries and submit it to our testimonials page.

Or submit a blog post. Check out our submission guidelines.

Write an article for a media outlet

Write an article for your local newspaper, call in to your local radio station or write a blog post to spread the word about the importance of school libraries for all students.

Our free Media Kit has all the information you need.

Shop for merchandise

Our partners Syba are in the process of creating Students Need School Libraries merchandise which will be available for sale soon.

10% of all proceeds will go towards funding our advocacy campaign.

Share these slides

Share these slideshow slides in your workplace, local gym or other organisation to help raise awareness of why students need school libraries.

Download the slides from our Resources page.

Write a newsletter article

Do you work in a school or have access to a school newsletter? Or perhaps your workplace, kindergarten, or community group has a newsletter? Use our newsletter article template to spread the word about the importance of school libraries.

Write a letter to the editor

Write a letter to the editor about the importance of school libraries for your local, state or national newspaper or respond to one already published.

Check out this letter to the editor in the Canberra Times (scroll to third letter).

Share our logo

Grab our logo html code to insert on your website or blog to link back to the Students Need School Libraries campaign website and promote the importance of school libraries for all students.

Download, print and share our 7 Signs Flyer

Promote school libraries with this free printable flyer and poster. Ask local businesses to display and distribute.

Share our films

Share our filmsmaybe at a school presentation night, within a local community business, or online.

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