7 Signs Your Child Needs Help From Their School Library Flyer

The SNSL 7 Signs flyer is available for you to download, print and share.

This flyer is designed to:
1. Promote the relevance and importance of school libraries to students
2. Share these messages with people outside the "bubble"of people who already know about the worrying decline in school library services around Australia

What you can do:
  • Approach local businesses to ask if they will support the campaign by printing these and placing some in a visible location.
  • Approach medical and community centres to hang one (of each side) on their notice boards.
  • Hand some out to parents at a school that needs help with their school library services.j
  • Put some near the school uniform shop.
  • Email us with your good idea to add to this list.

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Download the SNSL 7 Signs Flyer PDF (2 sided A5 to print on A4)

Download the SNSL 7 Signs Poster PDF (1 sided A4 poster)

Download the SNAL 7 Signs Poster PDF with print marks 

Download the letter of introduction PDF

Thanks to our supporters at Softlink for collaborating with us to create this flyer.


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