Curious and Wild Blog Series

International School Library Day is nicely timed this year to coincide with CBCA Book Week. Mark your calendar for October 20, 2020. Whether you are celebrating one or both events, we invite you to join us in a range of amazing opportunities. More information can be found on the ALIA and SNSL websites.

Curious and Wild
We are pleased to announce the start of a new blog post series on the SNSL website. You may have seen or contributed to the previous SNSL blog posts. They have garnered national and international attention - featuring on our website, social media and publications like ASLA's ACCESS. This is your opportunity to showcase school libraries and school library team members.


Who Can Contribute
Anyone can contribute to the blog post series: school library team members, parents, principals, students.


What you need to do
Tell us what you are curious about school libraries and what you are wild about school libraries/your role. This is a chance for celebration, so we ask for positive reflections at this point. Use text or photos or both.
Submit your responses here.


When and Where
We will share the posts in the weeks leading up to Book Week on our website and social media platforms. Please share the posts and graphics on your own websites or social media sites.


We look forward to celebrating all the ways school libraries are so unique and amazing in all their curious and wild ways.



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