Toolkits and handouts

7 Signs Flyer

Print and share the SNSL 7 Signs Flyer to promote the importance of school libraries for all students.

Download the printable PDF flyer

Parent Advocate Toolkit

The American Association of School Librarians have created this comprehensive toolkit for parent advocates. 

Access the toolkit on the AASL website.


These one page information sheets cover a range of topics from school libraries in the community to how a school library can support students. 

Download the handouts on the American Association of School Librarians website.

Advocacy Toolkit

The Scottish Library and Information Council have shared an advocacy toolkit as part of the National Strategy for School Libraries. 

View the toolkit on the Scottish Library and Information Council website.

ALIA 10 Ways Poster and Handouts

The Australian Library and Information Association have created and shared a poster and handouts that demonstrate 10 Ways that libraries power high performance schools. You can download the A3 and A4 printables on the ALIA website.

Access the poster and handouts on the ALIA website.


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