Snapshot of a School Library During COVID-19 #10

School libraries during covid

The Library Team at a school in Victoria are providing staff and students with online resources and information during COVID-19. The Head of Library Services answered our questions about what they have been doing.

What has been the focus for your school library/role during the COVID-19 Crisis?
Providing staff and students with quality online resourcing; advising the executive team and having a library voice in the teaching and learning team.

What major tasks have you achieved?
Library collaboration across 4 campuses; plus supporting staff through communication about copyright, online literacy readers and online resources.

What has been the result for staff and/or students?
Great teamwork for staff/ library staff feel valued/ students are supported via the structures put in place. Staff were really appreciative of the information surrounding copyright, and were very relieved when the new agreement came out! Staff are also very thankful for the support library has given for Clickview. Many online resources were ones that library has been quietly promoting for a long time, but now the staff are really engaging with these quality resources.

If you would like to let us know what your school library is doing during COVID-19, you can let us know here.



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